Why is the purple box sometimes a list and sometimes a circle?

You can change the format of the purple box (defaults to the bottom-right corner of your browser) from box to circle by clicking it. 

If you click the box on top of where it displays the number of Trackers on the page, it drops down into an oval, showing Alert icons, then into the familiar circle with the number of trackers displayed.

It stays as a circle as you continue to browse sites, until you roll over the circle. The oval with Alerts icons appears (icons are faded unless an Alert is present). Click on the oval to get the purple box with full list of trackers. 

Trusted (or simply existing) Trackers are listed in normal white text. Blocked Trackers are listed in faded italic text.

To control whether the purple box displays, change the amount of time the box or circle displays, and/or what corner of the browser it displays in, go to Settings > Purple Box. 

Note: The purple circle/box/list remains in the format you last viewed until you click it again.

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