WiFi Protection Overview

WiFi Protection Overview -- EXPERIMENTAL FEATURE (Will likely be removed soon)

For ultimate privacy and speed, Ghostery allows you to leverage our VPN connection to block trackers before they reach your device when you’re connected to WiFi. This feature allows you to use any browser you want (instead of just the Ghostery browser).

To leverage this, follow the steps below:

  1. Select the trackers you want to block you can select to block all trackers, or block just advertising related trackers, analytics related trackers or Beacons. 
  2. Copy the URL as shown in the box in the middle of the wifi connection protection page. 
  3. Go to your SETTINGS then WIFI SETTINGS.
  4. Click on the Information (i) icon next to your connection. 
  5. Set “HTTP PROXY” to “Auto”
  6. Paste the copied URL into the text field shown.

Note: This feature has some issues when used with Safari, and performs better when used with Chrome or Ghostery.

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