What happened to old categories like Beacons and Widgets?

When surveying our users and conducting in-person tests, we learned that many of our previous tracker categories, such as “Beacons” and “Widgets” were confusing to the average user. To make our categories easier-to-understand for everyone, we made the hard decision to base our categories on what the tracker’s purpose is (advertising, site analytics, social media, etc) rather than on how the tracker is implemented (beacon, pixel, etc).

We recognize, however, that our expert users value more granular descriptions and more accurate meta information, so we are working to overhaul our tracker category system so that we can have multiple categories and subcategories (i.e., labels) on the same tracker. Once that effort is done, we'll be able to put multiple labels on a tracker so that regardless of what category a tracker is in (e.g. advertising, site analytics, etc.) it can also be labeled as a beacon, pixel, or any other piece of meta information that helps users make more informed choices about whether or not to block it.

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